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Black-throated green or Townsend's Warbler?

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Saw this near Denver, CO today.  Both had been seen in the area.  Hoping it's a Black-throated green...looked a little different. 😉 Could be a juvenile or female of either species?

48959781683_95fa887fc6_h.jpgBTG7 by Dave, on Flickr

48959781383_b88d5381e5_h.jpgBTG9 by Dave, on Flickr

48960332316_98d66bbdba_b.jpgBTG5 by Dave, on Flickr

48960332311_d245baf338_b.jpgbtg3 by Dave, on Flickr

48960518657_68f3c8157b_b.jpgbtg2 by Dave, on Flickr

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Thanks Tony,  That's why I was trying to show the vent.  I also got this photo of a possible different bird.  This photo seems impossible to make an ID from but my birding companion said it was the black-throated green...

48969697683_1b8f94e859_o.jpgWarbler vent by Dave, on Flickr

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