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all taken in St Kitts at the Cockleshell ponds September 5th 2019

1). Whimbrel


2). Semi Palmeted Plover?


3). Semi-Palmeted Plover


4). White-Rumped


5). White-Rumped?IMG_4573.thumb.JPG.b93256a64ee2df2daad958ce4113df9d.JPG

6). ???


7). ???


8). White-Cheeked Pintail?







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1-3 are correct

4-5 I pass

6 I think SESAs

7 Dunlin

8 is correct

Edited by Sean C
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7 is a worn juvenile Stilt Sandpiper. First, you can age it as a young bird based on the fresh, crisp plumage, especially the tertials. Also note pale gray coloring above, medium length bill, and very strong eyeline. Dowitchers are more bulky darker gray above in full basic plumage. A worn juvenile SB Dow would show marking inside the tertial feathers.

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