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Hi, All.  Any help in ID is appreciated.  All pics taken within the last 5 days.  Location stated with pic.  Since we were backpacking, we were limited to point-and-shoots, so quality is lacking.

1.  ? White Crowned Sparrow?  Pahranagat NWR. Alamo, NV. 

2.  ?Yellow-Rumped Warbler? White Pine County, NV (lower elevation)

3.  ?Red-Naped Sapsucker?  White Pine County, NV (lower elevation).  I could not see the red on the nape, but YBS does not occur in the area.

4.  ?Red-Tailed Hawk?  Great Basin National Park, White Pine County, NV

5.  ?White Crowned Sparrow? White Pine County, NV (lower elevation)

6.  ?Black Throated Sparrow?  NP Visitor Center, Joshua Tree, San Bernadino, California

7 & 8.  ?California Scrub Jay? Joshua Tree National Park,  San Bernadino., CA.  Backcountry hiking.  The white wing patch is throwing me off.  




DSCN6453c - Copy.jpg






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Wow. LS is obvious now.  ?  There were several jay-like birds flitting among the brush a good distance away.  I shot what I thought was one of them.  ? I had no bins, and no telephoto (except the digital zoom on the camera).   Trial by Fire Birding.  The jay-like birds we saw were more of a vibrant or cobalt blue than the Blue Jays I know.   They were in groups of 2 to 5.    

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