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The case of the disappearing American Coots

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By this time last year in our little area on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, it seemed you couldn't throw a stone without hitting an American Coot. They were so plentiful and ubiquitous that I got a little sick of them. Now I regret my past indifference, because I have not seen a single one as yet. Very strange. Any idea as to what might cause a species to abandon an area it was so clearly fond of the year before? Just to note, there are lots of mallards (mostly domestic, I think) and the Canada Geese are back. Also some Snowy Egrets, Black-bellied Plovers (I think), many more Brown Pelicans than last year (it seems), some Long-billed Curlews, Marbled Godwits, etc. We've only lived here a year, so I can't say off the top of my head how last year compared to previous ones. 


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