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FL: Painted with Indigo Bunting?

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Today, Oct. 31, 2019 South Florida, Loxahatchee NWR, Marsh Trail at sunset

Fairly confident we saw an indigo bunting female solo (totally brown, wing bars, bunting beak), and nearby it seemed three painted buntings gathered, but one of these three appears more like an indigo immature than a painted bunting immature.  Does this happen?  Or is the blurry brown bird with streaked chest actually a painted bunting?



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Welcome to Whatbird!

Yes, the in-focus bird is a female/immature Painted Bunting, due to the yellow green overall, lack of wingbars, and eyering and the out-of-focus bird is a female/immature Indigo Bunting, due to the faint streaking on the breast, tan wingbars, and white throat.

Cool combination! And yes, Painted/Indigo buntings may form small flocks in wintering grounds, foraging with other seed-eating species (including each other).

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