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Portland, Maine. About 9AM. Much larger than crows and seagulls attacking it. Reminded me of a young bald eagle but the wings seem different. Maybe, broader? 
I ran some photos through Merlin and couldn’t get bald eagle to come up and that added even more skepticism. Any ideas? Sorry my phone camera is all I have but it’s better than no photos.



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I thought at first but the wings were a little more broad than I’m used. Reminded me a little of the famous Great Black Hawk last winter RIP. I ran multiple photos through Merlin and it’s very insistent that it’s a Golden Eagle. I can’t even get Bald Eagle in the results which never happens when I see one. I didn’t even know there were Golden Eagles in Portland, Maine at all so I looked it up and it said they rarely go through on migration which is right now.


Can you tell me what information you based your decision off of please so that I can learn? Maybe you can try setting your location for Portland, Maine and the date as Nov.8 and running the photos through Merlin well to see what I mean.


Thank You! Look forward to hearing back!

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I agree with Bald Eagle... Huge plank like wings held flat is the main thing here. You can also see that the armpits are quite a bit lighter than the rest of the bird as well. In the first photo the tertials look somewhat seethrough. If you take those away and look at the silhouette,  I can see why Merlin said it's a Golden. 

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