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Coopers vs sharped-shinned

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Help with the ID please, we are in the Phoenix Az area, the hawk was trying to get to the dove it killed on the trampoline is why there is a netting you see. Also would love to hear the reasoning between the Coopers vs Sharp-Shinned



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AAB says immature Sharpies have heavier, blurrier streaking going farther down the belly than young Cooper's.  I can see that but viewing through the tramp netting could be responsible for some of that in this image.

I'm going to use the bird's size, something we often caution about on this site.  In this case we have two good comparisons.  First, the tramp next door has an 1.5" rim at the base of the net.  Assuming yours is similar, it makes this bird between 9 and 11 inches, good for a Sharpie and too small for a Cooper's.  Also, we have the dove to work with, and this raptor isn't much bigger than its prey.  

Did it ever get its lunch?

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