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Hi, All.  I have a few bird pics that I would like to get opinions on.  Thanks in advance!

1. & 2.  I was hoping this was a Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, but in the 2nd pic, it appears to have an eye stripe.  Paranagat NWR, near visitor's center, Lincoln Co. NV

3.  Gambrel's Quail?  Joshua Tree National Park.  Backcountry (off-trail).  San Bernadino County, CA




DSCN6445 - Copy (2).JPG

DSCN6446 - Copy.JPG

PA250042 - Copy.JPG

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If I had to guess on #1 I would say Song Sparrow based solely on the first photo. Unfortunately, probably not identifiable. For the second one, could be Gray Partridge or either quail (probably Gambel's based on range). Based on that shape, I would have a hard time ruling out Eurasian-Collared Dove or Rock Pigeon as well.

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7 minutes ago, floraphile said:

Thank you Melierax.   The quail vs. dove/pigeon was seen in extremely remote back country only accessible by hiking.  Could that help rule out Eurasion Collard Dove & Rock Pigeon or are these species also seen outside an urban setting?

Yeah, that can help eliminate. I'm leaning quail on that one so just by process of elimination I think you could say Gambel's Quail, but I personally wouldn't call it. Maybe I'm being too cynical though :classic_laugh:

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