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Based on a recent post by @corgi, I'm starting this thread for people who simply want to share a photo and a story, and not be ignored, as what happens often to new posts. I tend to find myself not knowing where to post something simply because there isn't a thread for it, so here we are! Share a story, with a photo or video if you have one!

I'll start:

So here's something pretty cool... my family owns a cabin up in central Idaho, and there lives a ton of foxes! Last winter we had at least 8 on the lot at one time, including silver red foxes and normal red foxes. Photos of them:



They can be super goofy at times too!


Well, it was only a matter of time... and a strong mom decided to make a den on the line between us and our neighbor's. She successfully raised 4 pups one year, and 2 the next! She even had an issue with her eye at one time, we still don't know if she's blind in that eye or not...

Looking bad:




The pups are the perfect puppy-kitten cross for those who can't decide which they like better!



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2 hours ago, Melierax said:

Anybody else???

Two pairs of Eastern Phoebes have nested on our house for three and four years now. Two years ago one lost a mate and successfully raised four chicks! (They had just hatched.)  One of them is very friendly and will come up on our patio with us up there and watch us.

phoebe, eastern (3).JPG

phoebe, eastern (9).JPG

phoebe, eastern (10).JPG

phoebe, eastern (12).JPG

phoebe, eastern (5).JPG

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Neat idea Mel! Here's one... was out for a couple of hours today and it was getting late/losing light. I took a shortcut through the woods going back to my truck (had given up on any more birds photos) and ran into this group:

Young buck

The Doe

and the big guy stepped into light

It was (any day is) a good day to be out! :classic_smile:

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