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I found this friendly bird and I do not which kind is it

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Today in the morning I was running in Brickell Key, Miami and after I finished, I saw a bird that caught my attention, because it looked beautiful. I took some photos and I just sit there watching it and watching the sun and water, after a couple of minutes, I noticed that the bird was approaching little by little until it came really close and start like playing with me, it got into my arm and then into my shoulder. I have videos too, I believe that the bird escaped from somewhere, so I decided to take it home and try to find the owner, I put my finger in his legs and he climbed, so I walked home with him, when I was about to enter my building, the entrance door of the building is a metal one and makes a weird sound when you open it, so when I opened it, the bird got scared and flew away very high and far and I lost sight of it. I published this photos in the Nextdoor App in order to let the owner know where the bird is. But I wonder if you can identify the bird and let me know which type is it? I really do not have any idea, but he had a sweet singing as well.WhatsApp%20Image%202019-11-19%20at%208.1WhatsApp%20Image%202019-11-19%20at%208.1WhatsApp%20Image%202019-11-19%20at%208.1WhatsApp%20Image%202019-11-19%20at%208.3

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