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Cackling Goose Subspecies

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Hey there - some Cackling Goose subspecies shots here.

1. "Aleutian" Cackling Goose (leucopareia) - picture of a classic one with broad white collar, small white cheek patch with black chin, squarish head. The breast here is paler than average for this subspecies.


2. "Ridgways" or "Cackling" Cackling Goose (minima) - with Aleutians for comparison, and alone. Smaller, rounder head, no white collar, dark breast.



3. Here's the mystery bird. I have been thinking it is possibly "Taverner's" Cackling Goose, but I'm looking for confirmation. It has a pale breast (paler than most, but not all, Aleutians); size similar, perhaps larger than the average Aleutian; neck seems a little longer and thinner, especially in flight; white cheek patch slight larger; bill shape is fairly large and triangular for a Cackler, seems larger and deeper than Aleuts. Here are pictures (first alone, then with Aleutians for comparison; front bird in all pictures with Aleutians).








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