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Mixed bag - Pelagic and Shore - MA from this past weekend

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HI all,


Looking for some more iD's / confirmations:


1. Scarlet Tanager - Female?

28979127927_75dbc3fc72_b.jpgScarlet Tanager - female for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr


2. Night Heron - can you tell which? quick flyover...

43915953641_e991206e13_b.jpgNight Heron for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr

3. Juvenile Horned Lark for ID

43915966801_70601c8512_b.jpgHorned Lark 2 for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr

4. Herring Gull

43915968311_1be2781bfd_b.jpgHerring Gull for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr

5. Herring Gull?

28979126517_f9085d60ba_b.jpgHerring Gull for ID 2 by Morganirich, on Flickr

6. Black-legged Kittiwake?

43867327652_ca853fd2d5_b.jpgBlack-legged Kittiwake for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr

7. Black-bellied Plovers and ?

30046447288_4778182e79_b.jpgBlack-bellied Plover and ? by Morganirich, on Flickr

8. Manx Shearwater?

43915954741_289ca1ff1e_b.jpgManx Shearwater for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr


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  1. Yellow Warbler -- the yellow in the tail is diagnostic
  2. Black-crowned. Yellow-crowned have longer legs, and darker primaries than back.
  3. Yes, juvenile Horned Lark
  4. Herring
  5. Herring
  6. Herring -- kittiwakes have sharper black wingtips, with not white "mirrors". Here, you can see a new incoming feather with a distinct large white tip. Kittiwakes are also smaller -- close to a Ring-bill.
  7. Sanderlings?
  8. Looks good for a Greater, with no white behind the eye, a bit of a white collar, dusky flanks and dark undertail coverts.
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