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High-altitude Arizona birds near water

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Hi all.  I went out to a pond near Flagstaff, Arizona yesterday morning.  The sunflowers were blooming and I saw a lot of birds.

1) This one was clinging to some of the sunflowers.  A Brewer's Sparrow?


2) This one was hanging out in the cat-tails near the water.


3) I spotted this one running through the reeds.  I only got a quick look at it, and it ran off.  Is it a Sora?


4) There were a few of these hanging out in the sunflowers.  Is it a lesser goldfinch?


5) This one was also in the sunflowers, but I saw it earlier than the one above.  It looks like the same species as 4, but 4 looks yellowish while I don't see as much yellow here, but maybe that's just me.  Is it also a Lesser Goldfinch?



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A Yellow-headed Blackbird!  Just when I feel like I'm getting a hang on identifying some common birds, the lady-birds throw me off.

14 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Nice shot on the Sora!

Thanks.  Actually, I'd never heard of a Sora before, before I went looking through the bird book for this one.

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