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ID these five Ecuador hummingbirds?

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5 hours ago, msilver2 said:

Sorry, I should have said that all five photos were taken at Guango Lodge in Ecuador.  


Thanks. I don’t have experience separating Sunangel species, but just based off of range, this must be a Tourmaline Sunangel.

I’m very jealous that you went to Guango Lodge — could you find the Sword-billed Hummingbird?

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Agree with akandula's IDs.

Bummer you didn't get the Sword-billed there, but hopefully you saw it elsewhere.  Try for Torrent Duck at Guango?  It is supposed to be a better spot, but I tried a few times and never had luck getting one there.  We did eventually connect with some a couple hours drive further down the river.

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