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3 Birds, October 14th 2019 in N.E. Ohio

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At Silvercreek Metropark in Northeast Ohio, there were three birds I couldn't positively identify on a recent birding trip. The first  I am pretty sure is a song sparrow, but wanted to double check. A friend said the second is a Pewee but again wanted some confirmation. The last seems to be some kind of warbler . I initially thought Pine, then perhaps Palm, and settled on Blackpoll, but really am not certain at all. They were seen in the late afternoon/early evening on October 14th 2019 (around 4:30pm). Photos attached.




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10 minutes ago, Sean C said:

1: Song Sparrow

2: Eastern Phoebe

3: Yellow-rumped Warbler

I do not know about the Song Sparrow but I agree with the rest.

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Thanks everyone for the help! Looking at the species accounts for the Eastern Phoebe and Yellow-rumped Warbler, I am now confident these are correct as well as song sparrow, and have corrected my checklists accordingly. Much appreciated!

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