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Which sparrow?

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I was only able to take two very grainy photos of this bird today because it was at quite a distance in a bush that was in the middle of a marsh so I could not approach it. It looks to me to be some type of sparrow, but I am not sure which. Any ideas? Possibly a field sparrow?




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9 minutes ago, Kevin said:

It looks like a Swamp Sparrow to me.

I was thinking this originally, but then I felt like I was seeing white wing bars which I believe are not usually present on swamp sparrows. I also realized I took one more photo about 3 minutes later, which may or may NOT be the same bird. It was in the same general location, maybe 20 yards further on in the shrubby-marsh. The third photo looks to me to be an American Tree Sparrow (noting the faint, but present to my eye, characteristic dark spot on the breast). If this additional photo is in fact the American Tree Sparrow, I would be more inclined to think perhaps the first two photos are as well, unless there is reason to think otherwise? This is the other photo:


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