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pale NY gull

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I am inexperienced with my non-"Herring/Ring-billed/Great Black-backed's"... so this pale gull has got me stumped.

The size was certainly Herring-ish ...is it just another example of variable Herring appearance?

Could it be Iceland?  This tail would be too dark for a Glaucous, correct?

Photos from yesterday, Bronx NY.  Apologies for the exposure...thanks1-IMG_3285.thumb.JPG.213ac94040202266ac0e143cb16e8e67.JPG1-IMG_3283.thumb.JPG.c10c3cb4572c8f29c473cfa5502ab14d.JPG1-IMG_3285.thumb.JPG.213ac94040202266ac0e143cb16e8e67.JPG1-IMG_3287.thumb.JPG.8878772c4da337cb95c7691d87da3650.JPG1-IMG_3296.thumb.JPG.d03391269c0788af42d903f7b69b9711.JPG1-IMG_3303.thumb.JPG.8b6155948d7ef47a12a07393cf0f7bd0.JPG1-IMG_3308.thumb.JPG.16ee9a03436ff846beb86c5411f8758f.JPG1-IMG_3316.thumb.JPG.569a1688d25bbb6a14e1df393ca2cb53.JPG1-IMG_3318.thumb.JPG.2d6d304e80bb352c162fc7db8c30aabd.JPG

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