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Acadian Flycatcher?

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 My apologies. I’ll be more specific the next time I post.

This was taken in the third week of July. In northern Illinois. It was taken in a mixed deciduous forest. Lots of maples, Walnut, and Aspen. Along with a lot of  low-lying bushes and brush scattered in the area as well. 

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4 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

1-2 are Eastern Wood-Pewees.  I'm not sure if the last bird is the same.

Agreed. I'm thinking maybe Least Flycatcher for the last one with the small/compact look overall, greenish coloring, and clear eyering.

Edit: Also the all dark bill makes me think that it's a definitely different bird.

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Thank you all, for your input.  I was certain I had an Acadian.  If I get more, clear pics, I'll update this post. 

- One last thing. When I watch what we now think are the Pewees, I often hear a "click".  They also seem to like to hunt flying insects from the same perch. They return to the perch multiple times, sometimes as much as twenty times, before they leave.  Does that sound like the behavior of a pewee? Perhaps I am mistaking the sound as just ambient noise, and not coming from the bird itself. 

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