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red tailed hawk?

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Nice photos, ausnic44. 

Peterson's guide to hawks mentions that young light-morph Harlan's will show wide dark malar stripes (which this bird doesn't show), as well as having colder, black-brown coloration as opposed to the typical warm-brown of easterns.  He also mentions a dark spike in the center of the tips of the tail feathers.  This bird's tail feathers look a little too worn to be able to notice that anyway though.

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There's a lot of out-of-date information about Harlan's.  Something like 10 or 15% are light morphs, according to


But I agree with the other points @Bee_ keeper quoted from Peterson, though the "spike" in the tail tips (due to white inner webs of the tail feathers) seems to be missing from some.  Anyway, as a non-expert, I don't see a problem with calling this Eastern, as expected in Mississippi.  The tail looks normal for a juvenile Eastern, as far as I can tell.

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