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1 hour ago, Charlie Spencer said:

The plumage is a bit mixed.  The yellow eye says juvenile but the adult colors are definitely coming in on the head and chest.

That's a great point; the bird might not be in full adult plumage yet.. and that makes me lean towards coop even more.  I've seen a few sub adult Cooper's that still had fairly dark color down the nape.

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I can't necessarily vouch for sharpie, but I have a juvenile coopers that frequently helps himself to the house sparrows in my front yard. I am also in Ohio, and OPs bird looks quite a bit different to the coop I see regularly, so I would lean towards sharpie also. For reference, below is the Coopers in my yard this past Saturday (12/21). I also note the "bug eye" (which seems to be set a bit farther back on the head) and paler face from OP photo compared to my bird below. Not sure how helpful that is, but I struggle with sharpie vs coop as well, so always trying to learn from others as well.



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2 hours ago, pcon2009 said:

I also note the "bug eye"...

Yes, pcon2009, your bird is a 'classic' coop (and a beauty!)  And don't mind me, I definitely see and point taken regarding the OP's bird's eyes. They look bigger in proportion to the rest of the head, which is another telltale trait of sharpies.

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