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All seen yesterday in eastern Missouri.

Spotted Towhee: supposed to be to the west, only barely making it into the state, and rarely making it this far

Blue Grosbeak: supposed to be in Mexico and northern Central America

Dickcissel: supposed to be in Central America and northern South America

Black Vulture: supposed to be in southern USA and Latin America





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On 2/11/2020 at 5:40 AM, pictaker said:

Been real busy at work to post but did get out to see this Black Guillemot when it showed up in december here on the jersey shore



I am out of likes but my god those are stunning pics, the detail on that close up of the head is amazing. I'm pretty sure the best pictures I've ever gotten of any alcids are like distant blurry pictures of Murres as they're starting to dive haha

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