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24 minutes ago, Hasan said:

I went back today to get a shot of a male- the flock has now grown to about 40 birds. Unfortunately, like most longspurs, Smith's are quite flighty and hard to photograph....

That’s always annoying. I haven’t been able to photograph Longspur away from their breeding grounds because of that. The best I’ve done is an out of focus blob flying directly away from the camera. 

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3 minutes ago, DLecy said:

PAAU is a GREAT bird, esp. for Sonoma County, but c'mon, you have to post a pic of the star of the show!


Well, I guess it IS a second county record and a REALLY good bird, but I drooled when i saw the Pterodroma pic.

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20 minutes ago, Hasan said:

@Connor Cochrane@DLecy For those who don't have the gift of living along the coastline and aren't familiar w/ pelagic birds, what petrel is that a photo of?

Yes, out of the possible gadfly petrels one could get on a spring pelagic out of Bodega Bay, HAPE is the most desired. There is always a chance for Cook's and Murphy's Petrel, but given the fact that HAPE is endangered, most birders want that one.

Years ago you could chum at Cordell Bank. Now that you can't, any Pterodroma sp. is pretty darn tough to come by.

I was slated to go today, but had to bail. Pangs of sadness wrap my heart right nowI. BUT, 'm happy for all who got the bird.

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