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58 minutes ago, BirdNrd said:

Got the Parakeet Auklet!!!!!!!! Will add photos in a couple days.

Nice! I really really need to go get that bird. It's only a couple hours from my house, but I've never gotten over there. 

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Found a random Great-tailed Grackle while looking for my lifer Common Grackle. Though it's not a rarity back home in Sacramento, but this bird was almost a hundred miles north of northernmost breeding colony in Idaho, and the only sighting within forty miles of this location. 



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On 7/17/2022 at 11:03 PM, Birds are cool said:

I am in the process of recording barn owls and black crowned night herons right now. Saratoga county New York! The barn owls are supposed to be fairly rare. The night herons are new for the year.

Reviewer said he cannot tell. He thinks it may be a red squirrel? The animal was vocalizing in the middle ofnyhe night. Anybody ever experienced a red squirrel screening in the middle of the night?

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