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4 hours ago, Seanbirds said:

What's wrong with its throat?

Looks like it has avian pox. I posted a question to this forum asking about a house sparrow with multiple of those growths. Consensus was avian pox. Then next day I saw a chipping sparrow with pox as well.


Sorry, that was already answered. For some reason clicking next unread topic isn't bringing me to the most recent post in the topic.

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Didn't post much over thanksgiving, but found a ton of rarities. Birds are from Amador county, California

cackling goose.  No photo

snow goose. No photo

 Mute swan, Ever increasing in numbers here in the central valley. 

Mute Swan

pacific loon. 



red breasted merganser



Herring gull. I did not think these would be considered rare!


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Not sure how rare this is, but a Great-tailed Grackle has been hanging out at a local McDonald's for the last two weeks in Portland, OR, which is a fair ways out of its normal range. Some Portland birders have nicknamed him McGrackle, and he was first seen eating a french fry. I personally find the whole thing very funny.



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1 hour ago, blackburnian said:

Rare birds seen in NC over the past month: 

Rough-legged Hawk (my 2nd in NC)

Ash-throated Flycatcher (3rd)

Black-legged Kittiwake (2nd)

Red-necked Grebe (several)

Snow Bunting (2nd)

Black-chinned Hummingbird (2nd)

VARIED THRUSH (state bird) 

WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL (state bird and lifer) 

Looks like you had a great month of birding! I wish I saw that many rarities.

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