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Harris Hawk?

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I know I have been absent for a while here, but work and life. I however do need some assistance on identifying this hawk. I think it may be a Harris Hawk. This was seen on 2 Jan around Lackland AFB here in San Antonio, TX around noon. I apologize for the not so great pics, but the little bugger wouldn't let me get within range for a really good pic. He kept moving from tree stand to tree stand along the road that bordered a large scrub field. I am going to go back to the area today to see if he is still in the area and attempt to get better pics. Plus, it was an overcast day, so not the best for photography.




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This hawk doesn't have a long white-tipped tail, white undertail coverts, or reddish shoulder patches that would indicate a Harris's Hawk.

It looks like a dark morph Red-tailed Hawk to me. It's not as bulky as a Ferruginous and doesn't have the long wings of a Swainson's.

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Thanks all and thanks Charlie for the welcome back. I did get some better pics today of this bird in flight. He was still hanging around the same area, exhibiting the same behavior of moving from tree stand to tree stand. At times, yes his tail did appear red, with a band on the tips. But, in a different angle, the undertail is white along with the wing feathers. So, I can see Red-tail Dark Morph (Harlan's) (thanks Akandula) according to the reference pic in Merlin. What do you all think of that analysis? Good call?




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