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Please IDthis duck in flight

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How comfortable are we with Blue-winged for the top bird?  I browsed Macaulay and can't find a shot as much dark under the wing, esp on that first photo.  All of the underwing shots show white mostly on the secondaries and tertials, with more dark on the primaries than just the trailing edge.  I think that's more than just the light.  Also, the upper wing patch in the Macaulay photos looks like it extends more toward the trailing edge than in the second shot.



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Blue-winged Teal have pale wing coverts, not pale flight feathers.

All birds in the three photos are obviously of Aythya ducks. The first, with its apparent large head and gray flight feathers, is a female Redhead. The duo, with their white secondaries, are scaup and, with the contrast between white secondaries and gray primaries, are either Lesser Scaup or immature female Greater Scaup. Without more and better photos, I wouldn't want to claim Greater, so would stick with Occam in this case and go with Lesser.

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5 minutes ago, Tony Leukering said:

Nope. Ring-necked have fairly small heads.

Agreed and very much appreciate the response (still learning) but I am puzzled by the amount of white on the head as I don't think this is lighting or artifacts.

At this point I am going to bow out not so gracefully.

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