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Southern Georgian Bay this pm.

The modest number of Great Black-backed Gulls is a high count for my local site (sudden low temps probably brought them in). I also see my infamous Glaucous located centre slightly right.

Other than Herrings is there anything else of interest. I am losing all faith in my very limited gull ID skills (only for those losing the enthusiasm to go out birding in the cold weather).

Thanks, as always.

Great Blaxk-backed Gulls 5a plus Glaucous 1A HVT-754163.jpg

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I think you got everything in the photo, at least from this distance/angle. I can't say for certain that some of those more obscured birds aren't something else, but looks like mixed HERGs, adult GBBGs and an adult GLGU. I've heard nearby Lake Simcoe also had a recent huge influx of GBBGs, cooling weather likely is something to do with it.

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1 hour ago, Tony Leukering said:

Nothing in the pic elicits even a slightly raised heartbeat, except for the nicely hidden-in-the-open Glaucous, of course. I haven't seen an adult Glaucous in way too long.

Wow good catch. I completely missed that.

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1 hour ago, akiley said:

Nothing in the pic elicits even a slightly raised heartbeat

Ouch, that hurts (only joking) and a response to Tony - two really nice looking adults (@akiley, I did reference the Glaucous in my original post), and yes I agree they are quite large, appeared around 7.00am this morning ahead of the impending ice storm here in Ontario, and they did actually raise my heartbeat - really gloomy morning but they were a very nice sight).

For background I have been trying to get photos locally of an Iceland (hence my misplaced enthusiasm), a Lesser Black-backed and also some local Screech Owls (tried at 6.00am last week in the dark but no luck  - this YT video has spurred me on to try harder.

Please excuse the digression (I've been looking for an excuse to sneak this one in), but for me this is what birding is all about.

I try to stick strictly to ID topics on this forum but now and again wander off course.



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