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Belize Part 3

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Hello All,

Here is a first in a series from my recent trip to Belize.  Some I'm pretty sure on, others no ID since it was my first trip to Central America and the Caribbean.  All photos taken last week on the Placencia peninsula or surrounding areas. This part has perching birds.  

1.  Unsure on this one, Possible all the same species. 


2. Great Kiskadee or Boat-Billed Flycatcher?



3. Great Kiskadee or Boat-Billed Flycatcher (different bird than #2.)


4. Brown Jay ?


5.  Torpical Kingbird (or Western)


6. Tropical Mocking Bird (I think all the same species.)


7. Mangrove Swallow (I think) 


Thanks for looking and helping.  Two more posts to go.  Small perching and then shorebirds.  

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