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Baffled By Boca Bird

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In my neighborhood we really only see Northern Mockingbirds,  Cardinals, Blue Jays, Crows, and the occasional Woodpecker. Saturday morning I heard an unusual bird call and saw, on a roof, a bird that was: the size/shape of a Northern Mockingbird; mostly light gray(white?) with a black crown (ie the beak and everything from the beakline up was black.) So it was colored like a Great Tern (but obviously wasn't) and it wasnt a Black-Capped Chickadee, both because of geography and its small size. 

It made a warbling sound for which I could see its throat clearly undulating.

Help please?

Thank though,  Simon

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  • Blackpoll Warblers should have cleared out by now, unless maybe this one is very late or very early.
  • White-breasted Nuthatch, maybe, although you're likely too far south for those.
  • Black-crowned Night Heron, but that's a heck of a lot bigger than a mockingbird.
  • Terns wouldn't be likely to land on a roof.
  • Rose-breasted Grosbeak, although if you could see the throat then you'd see the red breast spot.

Sorry, I'm out of guesses.  South Florida is notorious for escaped pets, domesticated foreigners, and aviary runaways; it might not be a native bird.

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54 minutes ago, Kerri said:

How about a Loggerhead Shrike? 


So in the pictures of Loggerhead Shrikes there seems to be too much gray. This was really a duotone white(or light gray) and black. However, in the video link you attached it looks more like what I saw. 

It also looks like an Eastern Kingbird from the picture of "similar species"  

So frustrating. 

Thank you, I think you may be correct. 

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