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Change in C&S suet packaging

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went to get some suet from walmart the other day and could not find my usual....C&S sued dough and suet.  Looked like they had a new brand.  But upon closer inspection it was C&S in new packaging.  and the suet dough is not longer marked dough..just has a NO MELT label on it.  They have not changed the names though...thank goodness

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I have opened one suet ...woodpeckers treat and it was fine....have not opened a new suet dough - no melt suet.  I had some problems about a year ago - the suet was too crumbly but not in the past 10 or so months.  And i use the suet in a log...holes drilled in a log so it must not be crumbly ...so far ...so good.

one thing - the store I use did not have any of the  usual type of suet that i use - peanut treat so that is why I used woodpecker treat...mostly woodpeckers on the long anyway and nuthatches.  The suet dough goes in a feeder that all birds can use but still mostly woodpeckers or nuthatches

if the quality changes I will make a note of it here.  I  did notice when the crumbliness was first noted I posted it here and someone with the same problem contacted C&S and were satisfied with the response

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