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Lower Florida Keys Bird

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Hi everyone,

I stopped in Bahia Honda State Park in the lower Florida Keys the other day on my way to Key West and found a few birds willing to pose for my camera.   The American Kestral and Zenaida Dove were easy to identify, but how about the little ham in the last three photos who kept darting in and around the limestone rocks?   He or she was kind enough to pose for me from three sides, and definitely has a yellow rear-endDSC_0396.thumb.jpeg.32036f32daf0aefce246c26398b5f0cc.jpeg...so I am thinking Yellow-Rumped Warbler?   I would appreciate any help confirming.

Thanks in advance,









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I'm guessing you made your warbler pick based on the name.  Check the first link below to see the part of the body on a Yellow-rumped that's yellow.  It's the area above the base of the tail, not below it.


Here's the Palm Warbler for comparison.  The initial photos won't look much like your bird, but scroll until you see ones labeled "Non-breeding / Immature (Western)".  You'll see that Palm are bright yellow under the tail vs. above for the Yellow-rumped.


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