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On 1/24/2020 at 9:06 AM, Charlie Spencer said:

  I don't know if reflections off all the clear plastic would scare birds away.  Most of the colors may be too bright for birding.

They need to put some Greenish-browns or maybe camouflage for sale.

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1 hour ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Imagine showing up to a bird walk in that. 😄   It doesn't look like you can look up very easily...

Only if I'd paid a fat no-refund fee up front.   If I wore that with the groups I often go with, I'd have the highest count for the day while everyone else was laughing themselves blind.

But with some tweaks, I could see using one if you were determined to brave the weather.  A clear ceiling, camo colors spread over more of the lower surfaces a birder wouldn't look out, dull the reflectiveness, maybe fold-down or extendable legs.   Who knows, there may be something useful here in the future.

As it is,  you'd have to let birds get used to it for an hour or more before they'd come back; they'll be laughing too.

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