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Bird ID please - some king of FLYCATCHER

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Good evening - today I was in Sea Pines and this larger bird flew in past me and sat on a low-lying branch.  At first I thought it was a Great Crested Flycatcher, but ruled that out right away.  Then started looking at other possibly flycatchers and ruled most of them out as well.  Then I started comparing the Ash-throated Flycatcher to my shots and this most closely resembled the bird I saw with a long tail.  Coloring is right - everything is right, but it would be extremely rare because its area is the Western U.S.  The bird did make a chirping noise and listened to call when I got home and just couldn't guess from that.  My books say very rare fall and winter visitor to the East.

Does anyone have any thoughts or can help me ID? Got good shots from all sides and profiles to help in ID'ing...







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Sea Pines South Carolina??

Certainly looks like an Ash-throated FC.  It would be way out of range but I had one in Chattanooga TN about 4 years ago so it's not impossible

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There are a bunch  up and down the coast of nj right now, check ebird, it’s crazy how many are around, so I would say you got an ash throated there...must have been something on their migration route that screwed them up...

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