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This raptor?falcon? just landed... id help?

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We have increased our backyard bird feeding offerings in the last week and have had dozens of small and medium size birds... and then this very large raptor/hawk looking guy just landed in the fence outside my Mom’s craft room, could only snap one quick photo before it flew away... hoping it’s still enough to id!!!

We are in North Bend OR, which is on the southwestern coast and we are literally in the midst of Coos Bay and the ocean on a peninsula of land, it’s late afternoon here and overcast.

Thank you for your assistance and expertise, we are having so much fun with all these awesome new birds in our backyard flock!!! Kelee🦅🐦🕊



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Welcome to the forum!

The overall shape, with the small head and thin legs, makes this one of the two smaller North American Accipiters.  The brown color with vertical streaking on the breast make it a juvenile.  So it's between juvenile Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawk.  It's a tough one, but I'm leaning Cooper's mainly based on the narrow (not blotchy) breast streaks.  Let's see what others have to say.

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