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Bald Eagle steals Osprey's catch of the day

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It was January 30th, my last of 28 days on St George Island, FL.  I decided to take my Canon Rebel EOS T6 on my last beach walk. Walking with lens cap on, I saw a Bald Eagle flying away from me.  It disappeared behind a cottage before I could get ready.  Hoping it would come back, I took off my lens cap, checked the shutter speed - 1200 in shutter speed priority mode - zoomed in at the max - 300X - and got a long focus on the sky.  I knew the camera was in burst mode, so I let the it hang from my neck. My girlfriend and I stopped to talk with another couple who had also seen the eagle.  We were pointing to where it had been flying and then this pair flew up in front of us. 

Here are the photos.  They are cropped quite a bit, so the resolution is not great.  I wish that weren't the case, so I would appreciate any advice in that department.  But still, I am proud of the results, and I feel very lucky to have witnessed this with a ready camera.  I guess the lesson is to keep your camera near, especially on St George Island.  Another lesson might be to hide your lunch from Bald Eagles.  


Mine Mine Mine 1.JPG

Mine Mine Mine 2.JPG

Mine Mine Mine 3.JPG

Mine Mine Mine 4.JPG

Mine Mine Mine 5.JPG

Mine Mine Mine 6.JPG

Mine Mine Mine 7.JPG

Mine Mine Mine 8.JPG

Mine Mine Mine 9.JPG

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Very cool, Eagles are lazy birds,they will harass and steal fish from Ospreys all the time, I see them do it here in jersey every summer. As far as your settings, 1200 for a shutter speed is ok, but 1600 or higher is way better for flying birds. I have some flying pics on my Flickr page,the link is in my sig, most of them were taken at 2000 shutter speed....

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