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Sorry for the lousy photos - its the good old cell phone through the binos trick. 😝 Definitely smaller than a killder - closer to a large sparrow/blackbird. Bobbed it's tail quite vigorously and continuously for some time after landing on that log before finally settling down to preen. Here are my first guesses and accompanying possible issues with each one - copied from my notes at the time. "Slight light eyebrow visible.  Sanderling? - bill too short?  Semipalmated juv? Snowy Plover  - leg color? range?" 

Lewis River, WA     Any ideas?  I thought that shoulder stripe would be more identifiable than it seems to be.



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Spotted Sandpiper. The tail bobbing is a classic behavioral clue to help ID Spotted Sandpipers, although a number of other Tringa sandpipers, like yellowlegs and Solitary Sandpipers, have nervous twitches too. But that bird there is definitely Spotted Sandpiper based on shape, size, color, behavior.

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