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Good evening all!

Ive spent the last few days perusing the forums and really enjoy the discussions.  i was watching a birding video the other day and it briefly showed a green heron.  the heron was in the water with its neck contracted and i audibly gasped.  it immediately reminded me of a bird i saw a couple years ago on a walk in the park with my family.  i spent a ton of time trying to ID it, but gave up.  then tried again year or so later (but not that hard), and gave up again.  it's something very unusual for me; unlike anything i had seen (much less ID'd) at the time. id LOVE to get yall's opinion on this bird.

the bird was seen on may 14th 2017 at 7:30pm at three creeks park in columbus ohio. the photos and videos were taken with my cell phone (all i had with me at the time) and are back lit. just a bad recipe for IDing.  the upside is that you can hear the bird calling in all 3 of the videos, but moreso in the longest video.  in one of the videos i call out that it has a: white throat, brown breast, gray(?) back, orange legs. it was really hard to make out any fine details as i didnt have any binoculars with me. this was 2 year ago, but i would believe myself more that not lol (being an amateur). also in one of the videos it looks like it has a decent crown that is lying down; you can just see it sticking off the back of its head. the tree it's sitting in overlooks a pretty large pond.  it sat in this tree calling for a very long time. at one point i swear as my wife mimicked it it actually talked back to here.  we probably watched it for 15 minutes... my, then, 2 and 4 yr old had had enough and we had to leave.

my best guess is green heron, given the time and place it cant really be much else, but the calls dont seem to match up. ill put one pic in the body of this post, but the videos are really the best source of info. here is a link to the whole set as backed up by google photos. https://photos.app.goo.gl/zkLFMFaf3i3iMHRE8

thanks so much! i really appreciate it.






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Welcome to Whatbird! Thanks for sharing. It's tough to get any color on it but shape/structure look classic for Green Heron.

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