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on Jan 26, 2020, in Harriman State Park,  I photographed 3 birds on a pole that looked like giant pigeons. Dark grey wings, light grey chest. They had some black spots on the wings. They were the size of a red tailed hawk. I cannot identify them, can you help? I tried to post a pic but was unable to. I have one in flight and 3 on the pole. thanks

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2 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Size can be very difficult to judge.

indeed... someone actually argued with me on a local FB group about a bird they saw... insisted it was a woodpecker that was "at least" 3 feet tall... and, bigger than a bald eagle. Could you imagine the drilling of a bird that size? HA.


3 hours ago, Jerry Friedman said:

Also, it would be helpful if you said what state that park is in.

Looks like NY...

Hopefully you can get some pictures up as that would indeed help.

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