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42 minutes ago, Tony Leukering said:

Yellow undertail coverts, no tail spots, yellow eye arcs, dark eyeline, vague olive streaking on chest

I would like to pick your brain about Orange-crowned Warblers. I once had a Orange-crowned Warbler at Chincoteague in Virginia on Aug 30, (very early), that looked unusually bright for one of the eastern ones, do the western subspp ever show up as vagrants in the east?

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To quote from another recent thread. ...


"Of this, if it still works...


I have the pdf file on my computer(I should print it some day and carry it with me) and when I saw this topic the other day, I looked at it... sort of asked myself if I could tell it wasn't a blue-winged from this picture... looked at the guide and that black pattern on the tail was good for prothonotary...  
I'm a LONG way from being able to just look and ID from the underside for a lot of those warblers but having guides sure can help. "


I just downloaded it and tried my hand at using it to id your pics without looking to see what others were answering - quickly got me narrowed down to 3 options without having ever seen any of the options in the field.  

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