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Small brown ducks

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Its kinda hard to see their bills in the picture but I think these are Canada Geese. Also I think Cackling Goose is pretty uncommon in SW PA. The bird with the head up and faced away is definitely Canada Goose.

There has been a fair amount of Cackling Geese seen recently in PA. I'd say their bill size looks about like Cackling Geese and their overall size in comparison to the Mallards. I see them together often and Canada Geese are much bigger than Mallards. At least the goose in front of the small duck on the right has a short bill.

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bump... I've been curious...  If people ignored the "what kind of goose is that" question, is there anything else in the picture to help ID them? Looks to me like their backside is black or at least VERY dark considering the backsides of the geese show white just fine. 
It's difficult to not consider the geese, whether they were regular sized or smaller...  that one on the right, the bill sure looks short... but the rest of the geese, at lest the ones where it looks like I can see the bill, sure look good for Canada to me.
Part of me wants to consider gadwall... part of me says teal. are they identifiable???  @Tony Leukering  have any thoughts on these???

The mallard, I don't even want to look at it. Something about the way it's posed looks like a fake bird, or photoshopped, or, I don't know... just looks odd and hurts my brain to think about him so I'm ignoring him.  HA  ? 
I've been waiting because I hate mysteries... or at least unsolved ones. ha...

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