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This is a topic for you to share what some of your most recent, favorite, or least favorite lifers are. If you’d like to include location, that’s fine. Pictures are also great. I’ll start. Yesterday I saw a Common Yellowthroat for the first time.

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My latest was a Barred Antshrike.... Quite interesting, particularly its call :classic_laugh:

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Just some of the 117 lifers on a recent trip to Provence, France...


Bonelli's Eagles


European Bee Eater





Red-billed Chough


White Stork


Wood Pigeon


Euro Black  Vulture



Griffon Vulture


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Well... i guess there is now a time limit to edit a post. After uploading the pics, I wanted to edit to add the species names... but was not allowed to. They are:

1. Red-backed Shrike

2. Mediterranean Gull(on left) with Black-headed Gulls on right(not lifers)

3. Little Owl

4. Black-winged Stilt

5. Greater Flamingo

6. Little Bustard

7. Citril Finch

8. Eurasian Eagle Owl.


I have plenty of others, but maybe I'll post another day. And BTW,  I didn't want to do a trip report anyway.(shame all the old TR are gone)

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My six most recent lifers are as follows:

1. Swainson’s Hawk

2. Violet-Green Swallow

3. Common Raven

4. Black-billed Magpie

5. Mountain Chickadee

6. Western Meadowlark

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Roughly the end of June, about the time the forum wasn't quite up, I saw a silhouettes of a bird I hadn't seen before from my sunroom window. All I could see was a buff body through my binoculars. Too many leaves in the way. The Merlin app suggested a cuckoo, but that sightings weren't common. We had an enormous house repair project going at the time, so I shelved my daily nature perusing for the most part. About 10 days later, after a huge rainstorm, I was looking out the window again. This time I got a really good look at the bird. It was a Yellow-billed Cuckoo. The white circles on the tail were magnificent. He looked just like the first photo on my Audubon app. Now that I know what he sounds like, I try to get my camera to get a photo of him. He's still around here. I heard him yesterday afternoon. Still, no luck with a photo, but I'm glad to add him to my growing list!

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Here are some nice photos from Colorado that helped bring me up to ABA#302.   Swainson's Hawk was #300.

43083441345_699c7d075e.jpgDSC09596r green-tailed towhee by Mark Ross, on Flickr

30120644898_807099c813.jpgDSC09500r western kingbird by Mark Ross, on Flickr

29051377787_6974a37aaa.jpgDSC09308r Mississippi Kite by Mark Ross, on Flickr

30120608688_92e936b891.jpgDSC09902r rufous hummingbird by Mark Ross, on Flickr

29051368317_5d4ac1802a.jpgDSC00022r Swainson's Hawk by Mark Ross, on Flickr

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