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My two most recent are coopers hawk And yellow rumped warbler

my two least favorites are mourning doves and American crow

my two favs are Cali gnatcatcher and the albino northern cardinal I have seen on Long Island New York. 
not all birds were there but only that one, the rest in Orange County Ca

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Long-eared Owl

Lifer (obviously) Ivory Gull. INCREDIBLE to see! Full story here: https://idahobirder.weebly.com/blog/ivory-gull-adventure

A productive whirlwind trip to South Georgia. (got a few other neat birds to, that were on the rare side, but they weren't lifers!) Sandhill Cranes by midgetinvasion, on Flickr Vermillion Fl

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I finally saw one of my nemesis birds this morning... a northern shrike! 

Been walking around this one area near my house at sunrise for the last 3 weeks trying to find one (and to complete the weekly data bars). It was chasing/being chased by a magpie and flew about 20ft in front of me and up and away.

Now I have to continue walking around until I get a photo 😪

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Got one nemesis bird this morning, as well as 2 and a half other lifers! Gadwall was the nemesis, also had a Tundra Swan and Eurasian Wigeon. Greater Scaup was the half, as I have seen them before, but I hadn’t used eBird yet. 

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I managed to get a photo of my lifer shrike. 
Bad news, he was on the side of the pathway that was in front of the sun so he’s mostly a shadow. 

Guess I’ll still be walking around until I get a better photo. Starting to think I’ll never stop walking around those ponds 🤔 

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4 hours ago, Kevin said:

Wilson's Snipe!!!!

No photo??? You must have seen the same one(s) I saw when I was a kid and my Daddy took me Snipe hunting!! I stood there for a couple or three hours and held the bag like he told me to until I couldn't stand the mosquitoes any longer, finally walked home and found Daddy sitting there all cozy. Then he had the nerve to ask me why I left my post before the Snipe he was supposed to flush towards me got to me so I could catch them in the bag!!! 😠

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