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1 hour ago, Aidan B said:

Self found Lapland Longspur!!! One of very very few records for the county, and the first on ebird. According to another birder who has been birding in Sacramento since the 1980s, this is the first ever photographed Longspur for Sac county!


Doesn't a California birder have more birds from Siberia than from the Great Plains on his life list generally?!? :classic_laugh:

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Yellow-bellied Flycatcher for life bird #483 and photo lifer #448. If only all of them could be so easy to get. We were still walking down the road to the house where the bird has been being seen when I spotted it in the tree in the photo. So we were technically not even to our destination yet. We stayed another 30 minutes or so as I was hoping for better photos but hubby got antsy. We saw the bird a few more times but it was moving around too quickly or covered by vegetation. Life bird happy dancing woot woot!!!


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So, I kind of got a Rough-legged Hawk earlier this year in Georgia, but it was far away and the quickest of glances. Other birders present that saw it verified what it was, but I never felt very fulfilled. Today in New Mexico, I finally got a REAL look at one, so now it feels like I have gotten it for my life list.

Rough-legged Hawk


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1 minute ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

American Tree Sparrow finally! Probably the only one of my winter target birds I'll actually be getting this winter...sigh...

Nice! I haven't been out birding for a while, so I'm definitely missing some stuff. I'm planning on going back to Plum Island next weekend. Hopefully I can see some winter birds! :classic_smile:

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