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Two OK three birds - maybe pacific-slope flycatcher, black-bellied plover, sanderlings

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Hi, was out at Washburn campground along Highway 1 in California, near Cambria. The bird from today was a small flycatcher - lots of flitting around so not a good shot (bird is low in the middle) - but had clear eye ring that was fairly symmetric as best I could tell, two clear white wing bars, olive color on top (definitely not gray) and underside yellow. Song was short two note tweet and some whistling. 

Two days ago saw this shorebird fly in among the sanderlings - larger than those but not a lot. I think it is a black-bellied plover but I still suck at sandpipers vs. plovers. Also, please confirm sanderlings - ran back and forth and flew in an amazing coordinated group.

Thanks in advance


DSCN1594 Pacific-slope flycatcher.JPG



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On 2/19/2020 at 7:34 PM, Mindy Smith said:

Could have been a kinglet, but I was pretty sure that I saw two white wing bars and the song was not musical whistle that Cornell has for the kinglet. Hutton's are seen here but I have never seen one so that is certainly a possibility. Sorry I couldn't get more of the bird in the photo. 

Kinglets most give short calls this time of year, and do have two wingbars

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