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Florida/Texas road trip bird ID help #12

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Hi all,

on to Padre Island.

1) Still just a Great Egret, right?
Location:  South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center



2) Ring-billed Gull? What's with the neck band?
Location:  Padre Island National Seashore



3) OK terns... I have 50+ photos od this flock, they allowed me to get quite close, 20 meters or so. But perhaps all I need is this one image with all the 3 variants I found in the flock.
The almost gull-sized are of course Royal Terns. The mid-sized with black legs and black bill with yellow tip is Sandwich Tern - as evidenced by the yellow tip. And the small one with black bill and orange legs - is it Forster's?
Location:  Padre Island National Seashore




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