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Dunlin? Dowitcher?

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1 hour ago, darknight said:

In winter, it should be safe to assume that they are Long-billed. Short-billed are pretty strictly coastal in the winter in California. 

Picture #4 are clearly Long-billed Dowitcher.

However, picture #3 looks a lot more like Short-billed. Note the overall slender shape (compare to picture 4), shorter bill which appears to droop towards the tip, and a steeper forehead with a strongly arched supercilium. 

I don't think its a safe assumption to make, that all dowitchers in Yolo and Sacramento Counties in winter are Long-billed Dowitcher. They winter in good numbers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, and a few winter in Solano County. I think it is entirely believable that small numbers may go unreported in Yolo County as well, if they winter in Solano County.

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