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Ruby-Throated vs Black-Chinned HB

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Hi, All.  These were taken 02/21/2020 Baldwin county, AL (coastal).  RTs very common here.  BCs much more common here than previously thought and have been sighted regularly in the last several weeks in my county.  Now I am questioning everything I ever called a RT.  Wings look long on this one, but I think still not long enough to be BC?  The wing tips are in deep shadow and are longer than they appear at first glance.  How would you all ID this and via what field marks.  Thank you.  

_DSC1318e - Copy.jpg

_DSC1329e - Copy.jpg

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As a hummingbird bander, I don't see enough here to ID this one to species. The relative length of the wings and tail is very dependent on the birds posture, and the wingtips disappear into the heavy shadows, making it hard to judge their actual shape. Its also impossible to evaluate bill length, crown color. This one is best left unidentified. 

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