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Seabirds from NC outer banks

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Not sure on any of these, but maybe they can be ID'd.   The first I think may be a Manx Shearwater.  I saw all of these birds on Jeanettes pier today, and the Manx has been reported there many times.  This is the only shot I got, but it did have a white underside when viewed with my 12x bins  (much too windy today to try to use a scope).  Wing shape looks like it might be right for Manx.

The next pic shows a group of birds that I saw several large flocks of.  Thinking maybe Red Breasted Merganser as I see long thin bills and the color pattern looks right.

I can't come up with an ID for the last 3 photos.  Because of the wing shape and color I am thinking some sort of pelagic, maybe Auks of some kind.  Forgot my Sibley's in VT, so I am relying on what I can find online and haven't found a good reference for seabirds yet.







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48 minutes ago, mfoster.vt said:

Thanks Birdbrain. Didn't think of Scoter, wing shape looked too stubby.

White-winged Scoter are the largest and bulkiest of the Scoters, with more of a linebacker-type neck and more barrel-chested than Surf or Black.

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