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Red Tailed Hawk in Outer banks, NC

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Got these pics this morning.  Very windy, probably more than 40 mph.  This raptor caught my eye from a distance fighting the wind.  Took some quick shots.  I am pretty sure it is a Red Tailed Hawk, but that white collar seems unusual.  It really stands out in every pic I have, from all angles.  I do think I see patagial marks and a darker tail and it seems to definitely be a buteo so I went with Red Tailed.  Just wondering if others think the white necklace is unusual.





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Kerri, I think you are right.  I have seen so many Red-Tailed hawks here, I think I convinced myself this had to be one.  My initial impression when looking at the bird through my binocs.was a falcon.  Should have stuck with that.  The peregrine definitely has that white collar.


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