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OrangeCrowned Warbler?

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Good  morning, All.  Amongst the usual Goldfinches, Cardinals, Wrens, Chickadees, Doves, and Titmice at my feeders this morning, there was this unknown.  Could this be an Orange-Crowned Warbler?  It came readily to the feeder & suet.  I did not see yellow on its flanks or elsewhere.  It appeared overall olive/drab & has a faint hint of an eyeline.  Sorry for the underexposure and subsequent lightening.  I am posting both the original and the lightened version. Thank you all.  🙂 

02/22/2020.  Coastal Baldwin co., AL 

_DSC1428ed - Copy.jpg

_DSC1428org - Copy.jpg

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12 minutes ago, AlexHenry said:

How can you rule out Tennessee?

So, I wondered about this also, after seeing your post.  In another shot, there does appear to be yellow in the undertail coverts, consistent with Orange-Crowned.  I'm curious, though, if there are other means to separate the two, say, if you only had the one shot that did not show the coverts.  Pic attached.

_DSC1431ed2 - Copy.jpg

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